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PC pre-helical gear unit
PC helical gear unit is perfect fit with RV worm gearbox and motor, normally used in the industrial production line and assembly line.

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Model & Mark of PC helical gear

The features of PC helical gear

  • Housing: die-cast aluminium alloy(frame size 63,71,80 &90), shot blasting and special antiseptic treatment, paint with RAL5010 blue or silver paint

  • Gears:20CrMnTi, carbonize&quencher heat treatment make sure the hardness of gears up to 56-62HRC, retain carburization layer between 0.3-0.5mm after precise grinding.

  • 4 model of PC helical gears,
    PC063-2.73 / PC071-2.73 / PC080-2.8 / PC090-2.45

  • Bearing: C&U or NSK
    Oil seal : SKF or TTO

  • Lubricant: synthetic oil 

Multiple choices of PC helical gears